Sunday, 4 May 2014

What women want during sex!

Says that women are difficult to understand . So, knowing what women want during sex , extremely difficult to find work. Most men think that women do not think much about sex , but it is not true . Anjwoy women want to have sex .

Women are not far behind !

Women weave fantasies about sex . Now sex is not far behind women in the matter . The women are now openly express their sexual Ichchhao . Men like seeing a beautiful girl, her mind starts thinking about sex , just as some women think. However, this thinking they do not show off your body and face .

Women's sex fantasy

Women 's sincere wish is that his partner is completely untouched and naive . He is athletic and they are as well as sexual slaves . Is to do what they say . They are always ready for sex . If you noticed during sex, body language of women experience it can be .

Unaware of the sex ...

Women during sex only considers its assumptions to their actual partner . Women are unaware of their sexual imagination , Imagine is athletic and erotic man . Fantasy sex unmarried men as well as women have a fantasy of sex lesson to teach . Women want their partner and they do not know anything about sex lesson Teach her ​​sex .

Enjoy lesbian action !

Women enjoy sex to take actions that are gay . They also enjoy to take collective actions as well as sex . The study showed that women participate in group sex is repressed desires but heartwarming . Although the majority of women do not .

Neck Kiss

One study showed that women by men kissing on the neck feels great . Second place in the attractive parts of the ear , the kiss , the kiss is dear to them . Stroke and kiss weakness of women 's thighs .

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